The curiosity of a 7-year-old
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The curiosity of a 7-year-old

When I was 7, my parents enrolled me in a music school. My life changed from that day, quickly after I discovered a new musical instrument, the saxophone. I started playing and it was my companion for the next 15 years that followed. My journey to creativity and continuous learning started there when I felt the spark with that instrument.

At that time, all I had in mind was playing and composing music. This was quickly followed by a discovery: code. I started writing software, designing user interfaces, launched many projects, and founded several companies.

But I have a problem: I never publicly documented the process.

Why? Because client work and music side projects took most of my time, and I was busy building. Creating solid projects takes an insane amount of time. And was rather spending this time on the projects themselves.

From today, I am documenting the process of building Jungle Program, a platform to allow certified teachers to sell their live-online courses.

I hope that by sharing all my successes and failures, I can help anyone else that’s currently building a digital product.

With love, creativity & curiosity ✨

— Louis