Here are the tools, services and frameworks I use on a daily basis.

Email, Calendar and Productivity

  • Google Workspace for everything company related, because it has all integrations with third party tools like Calendly, HubSpot, Gmelius and more.
  • Fastmail is my choice for personal email and calendar hosting, mostly because I don't need any third party tool integration like with the professional mail and calendar. I use the webmail interface, and the calendar integration with BusyCal, over a CalDAV open source standard.
  • BusyCal for macOS and iOS. It syncs beautifully with both most of calendar providers, and supports the open standard CalDAV which most calendar app don't. BusyCal has its own syncing engine that's super reliable. It's a big plus.
  • Bear that beautifully syncs my reference file on both macOS and iOS.
  • Instapaper is where I send everything that I will read in the coming days

I hope this helped! Some links contain a referral code, feel free to use them 🤗